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Take care of your vehicle

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

Being safe in your vehicle starts with good brakes. At Dan's Automotive, we have been providing quality automotive services for your vehicle. Follow some of our car care tips and ensure your vehicle is safe every time you head out on the road.

Brake safety is critical

  • Inspect brakes for wear and tear

  • Replace worn or damaged brakes

  • Watch for spongy, noisy, or vibrating brakes

  • We check all brake pads - regular, metallic, and ceramic

  • Don't use pads lower than manufacturer's recommendation

  • Check brake fluid - it maintains braking pressure and power

  • Watch for water buildup in brake fluid

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2-year warranty

Most of our products and services come with a 2-year (24 months) parts warranty or labor warranty. We honor all manufacturer warranties, and offer a 2-year or 24,000-mile warranty on our own.

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Maintenance-free is a myth

  • Modern cars can break down

  • Today's automotive fluids contain higher percentages of additives than in the past to protect your vehicle's components from wear and corrosion.

  • A staffer had a pickup truck overheat, despite having the correct coolant levels. The radiator pan was corroded and was dumping the coolant. It had only been topped off, and never replaced. The coolant became acidic and degraded the radiator pan.

  • Another staffer found that the Washington State safety inspection law required him to have his SUV checked every two years. He benefited from it, as he had worn rear brake pads, the sound of which drowned out the radio, DVD player, and his kids. The rear brake rotors were damaged, with the right one being replaced entirely.

  • Annual inspections can save you from paying more later, especially since we'll provide a FREE brake inspection.

Taking proper care of your vehicle will help keep it running for miles to come. Let our experienced team provide you with reliable auto repairs, including brakes, suspensions, exhausts, and engines and electrical systems.

Pre-trip inspections

  • Find out how far you'll travel, the types of roads you'll be traveling on, the terrain, the weight you will be carrying, whether you'll bear a rooftop carrier or tow a trailer, and the potential elements you'll encounter

  • Inspect shocks and struts beforehand

  • Ensure top suspension and alignment for comfort

  • Ensure your brakes are in good working order

  • Check your belts and hoses

  • Change the engine air filter

  • Get an oil change to prevent overexertion of cooling systems and your transmission

  • Check your AC, wiper blades, and headlights for comfort, visibility, and safety

  • We'll help check, replace, and rotate your tires

Fuel conservation

  • Not just as simple as driving less and saving gas

  • Replacing your engine air filter is an underrated method of saving fuel

  • Ensure proper oil level - too little prevents your engine from being properly lubricated, causing extra friction that impinges upon your fuel economy

  • Dirty oil also causes extra friction - keep oil lines clean

  • Your transmission needs clean fluid to work efficiently - more fuel is consumed with less efficient transmissions